Monday, September 22, 2008

Not a suggested way to lose weight!

Well, so far I'm down 5 lbs+ in the last day. I had gone up a couple from some unhealthy choices. But I got the stomach flu. The kind that sends you to the potty several times an hour. It is not over yet. But perhaps getting to a new low will get me motivated to get back on track. Still not ready for salads. So for now, I'm just eating what I can stomach. So far that's been one muffin today.

Thank you to all those of you that tried to track me down when I dissappeared last week. Keep at me, it really does help! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where have I been and am I back?

Well, I haven't had a horrible week away. I've been doing OK until last night when I had a high carb high calorie night. Friend called, headed to town, I'll write more later. If you don't see me, TRACK ME DOWN!!! I need the accountability!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shopping went well.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought all healthful foods except for a bag of donuts I bought for the three year old because he asked and couldn't resist. I should have just bought him one of those individual packages in hind sight. Because I lasted all morning and then caved and ate about 6-7 of them in the afternoon! That's like 400 calories! UGH! And it was mindless too. If I had to have them I should have taken two or three out of the bag and put the rest away in the other room. But no I opened the bag and plopped down in front of the TV.

A funny thing though when my kids got home and raided the fridge my eight year old brought in the acorn squash I had bought and said, "mom this pumpkin isn't ripe." I thought that was so cute.

This morning I went and worked in her class at school making copies for the teacher and stuff. That was nice. I'm going to do that every Wednesday now.

My moods are still not great. I've been forgetting my multi-vitamin and I haven't exercised since Sunday!!!

I will not let my self lose sight of my goals!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots of Exercise!

Yesterday, I took the kids to the park to hike AFTER having worked on the renovation of my daughters' room all morning. We hiked 1.25 miles up and down hills and across bridges. The kids especially enjoyed the swinging bridge. I wish I had taken my camera. There were some really neat red mushrooms. Of course there were plenty of mosquitos, but I didn't end up with too many bites. After our hike we went to the playground and then put our feet in the swimming lake. It was a really nice time. BUT, I don't think I'll be taking the three year old on that long of a hike next time. I ended up having to carry him about a third of the way. Incidently, I've lost about as much as he weighs so I suppose it was a good recollection of hiking at my highest weight.

So how did I eat yesterday? Well. OK. No bad portions. Lots of water. But not enough veggies. In my defense the pickin's are getting very slim around here. I'll be grocery shopping tomorrow. I do have enough lettuce and tomato left for a salad. I'll be having that for lunch today.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I ate...

Well, I finally got motivated to do something. I cleaned the kitchen. Then I made dinner and chocolate cake. I believe I stayed within my goal of 1500-1800 calories today. But I did not get all the veggies I should have for the second day in a row. Tomorrow I will have a big salad for lunch!

Here is my plan for tomorrow:

Coffee - espresso and 2% milk

Breakfast - 1 waffle, syrup and butter, 4 oz OJ

Snack - mixed raw nuts

Lunch - Salad with tilapia

Dinner - Chicken, Brown Rice and green beans

Dessert - Leftover chocolate cake

Also, I promised my daughter I would take her hiking tomorrow. So there's my exercise!

Headed to get one last glass of water and multi-vitamin and then go to bed with hubby. There's exercise for today ;-)


I'm in some kind of a funk. I can't get motivated. I haven't eaten bad things today. But I just haven't eaten! I've had about 200 calories and its 2:46 p.m.!

Somebody slap me!

I'm going to eat something now!

Another low weight...

I know some don't agree with daily weighing. But it works for me. Because I can see how my weight cycles. That way, when I am up around TOM or ovulating I know that its just my cycle and it will come back down. Right now I'm really loving it!

But actually when I AM on an up swing I don't weigh as much because I don't want to see the number. Is that fair? I don't know. But its my life. I get to choose when I weigh right!

How often do you take your measurement? I've been taking mine once a month. And actually I didn't take them right when I started back. I took them on 9/3. So I guess I'll wait and do them at the beginning of each month.

I am feeling a little discouraged today. I think it is because I can not yet grocery shop and I really need some healthy things. But I will work with what I have. Latest case I'll be grocery shopping on Tuesday. I think today I will make up my best meal plans possible with what I have to last me until then. Otherwise I'll probably just give up and eat grilled cheese sandwiches and cereal!!!

I'm off to the kitchen with pen and paper. Watch for me to post my meals...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Not feeling as good tonight.

Well, the day started out fantastic. But I'm feeling a little nauseous so I didn't eat a great dinner. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and that all. I didn't take photos of my food today. Here's what I ended up eating. I don't think I went over in calories, but I definitely didn't get enough veggies or water today.

Coffee - espresso and 2% milk (DH went shopping and forgot I wanted 1%)

Breakfast - 1 fluffy farm fresh egg, 1 slice am cheese, 2 slices white bread (still need to do a good grocery trip), 4 oz OJ

Lunch - 1/2 portion of last nights stir fry (chicken, broccoli, couscous, almonds)

Dinner - 2 slices white bread, 2 slices am cheese, butter

The good news. Before I started feeling icky I did get my 15 mins of exercise in.

I'm going to go drink some water and take my multi and go to bed. Perhaps I'll feel better tomorrow.

A new decade!

It's going to be a great day! I got on the scale after my first morning bathroom stop and had to get on and off to double check. It said 259.6!!!

I'm so glad I stuck it out through TOM. It was very discouraging to start back with my healthy lifestyle only to gain a ton of weight with TOM. But I'm so glad I stuck with it. It came back off QUICK. Plateaus and gains have always been hard to get past for me.

Could the exercise be paying off this quickly? If that's what it is this is enough to keep me going until I can really make this a daily habit.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A two day streak!

I exercised for 15 minutes again today! I'm going to keep it at 15 minutes per day through next week. Then if that is feeling easy I'll add 5 minutes the following week.

Lyn's post on her blog really hit home for me today. She is my inspiration today. She had a good LIVING day!

Breakfast was actually nice. Except that we were out of regular milk and decided to use half and half in my espresso rather than opt for no caffiene. High fat and cholestorol but it was a conscious decision. So I had a light breakfast to go with it.

My morning snack was uneventful at best. But I'm running out of ideas. I really need to grocery shop but I'm trying to make it until Saturday before I do anymore shopping.

Lunch was yummy. I had a lovely salad and some leftover spaghetti.

Dinner was a new recipe revision. Basically is was chicken, broccoli, almond stir-fry on top of couscous. It was my first time making couscous and I think I'll use more water next time. It was dry and still a bit firm for my liking.

I ended the day at about 1500 calories but very high in sodium. I'll be surprised if I'm not bloated tomorrow! Using sparkpeople again has been enlightening. I remembered why I don't use catalina light. Its very high in sodium. And then there was soy sauce in the stir fry and the cheese in my morning snack was high in sodium too. Learning as I go I guess.

I need a plan!

I'm lost today...

I had a small breakfast with a heavy coffee. Here's the menu for today.

Coffee - espresso with 1/2 C. half-n-half and 2 Tbsp choc syrup (We are out of regular milk.)

Breakfast - 12 grapes and 12 almonds

Snack - 8 crackers and 1 slice american cheese

Lunch - Left over spaghetti, romaine lettuce, tomato, green onion and light catalina

Snack - 1 large stalk of celery with 2 Tbsp PB

Dinner - Chicken, Broccoli, Coucous (I think)

Update on last night

OK, here's last night's dinner. I added another veggie dish to up my calories a bit more. So I ended up at just over 1200 for the day.

Oh yeah, and most importantly... I EXERCISED! I jogged around while watching TV. I could only go for 12 minutes. Then I stretched and cooled down. My back is a little sore this morning. But other than that woo hoo. I'm going for 15 minutes again today. I will make this a habit if its the last thing I do!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Only 1100 calories!?!?!

OK, so I was curious how I was doing on calories and I entered my menu for today in Sparkpeople. It came up with 1107 calories! They think I should be eating 2,100 calories a day at my weight and activity level. That's nuts! OK 1,100 is probably low. But I don't think 2,100 is a good idea either. I think I'm going to shoot for 1500-1800 for now.

I like salad! I wish I liked exercise. I will make myself!

OK, here is my morning snack... (Was supposed to include nuts, but we were out.)

And here is my salad for lunch. OOPS I forgot the oz of cheese! The tomato is from my garden! Woo hoo! I'm excited because I wasn't a dedicated gardener this year so to get anything from it is amazing.

I am lucky that I love vegetables. Especially raw salads. If it were a chore to eat a salad I know this healthy living thing would be much more difficult.

I had lunch pretty late because I got tied up working and lost track of time. So I may skip my afternoon snack. We'll see. It's mostly starch anyway, so I wouldn't be losing out on a ton of nutrients by doing so.

I have managed to come up with all kinds of excuses not to exercise today. Its raining. I can't afford gas to drive somewhere I can walk inside. My VHS machine is not hooked up and I don't know how to hook it up and my only exercise video is VHS. All such good reasons, huh? Well, I'm not accepting them. I'm going to do 15 minutes of dancing to music if I have to! Today is the DAY! I will start this exercise habit NOW!

BTW, I'm doing great on my water today and peeing a ton! Perhaps I was retaining water from the weekend?

A new day, A new attitude!

I'm feeling much better today. I think the anticipation of getting on the scale was worse than actually doing it. OK, so it was a gain. But I always gain quite a bit at the end of TOM so this is no surprise. And frankly, its much less of a gain than I anticipated. I am so positive that it will be gone and take a couple of more pounds with it soon!

I started something new (its a stolen idea I know) today. I'm going to take pictures of my food.

Here is my breakfast. Notice it is as planned. Yeah me!

I'm still not convinced I am 100% with this new lifestyle. I will not believe myself until I have exercised regularly for a period of time. All of the weightloss stories that I read of people that have lost AND maintained include lots of regular exercise. I know this. I also know that my biggest and fastest losses have been when I was regularly getting exercise. I know this! So why have I not chosen to exercise? Just do it!!! (I know more stealing of ideas.)

Here are my inspirations for today.

I also stumbled upon this blog last night and if you have time to read through it from beginning to date it is a cancer survivor story.

That's it for now. If I get my butt in gear and exercise today, I'll come celebrate here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's get this day over with and go on to the next!

OK, so after I left here I had an egg salad sandwich and a slice of celery. Then for dinner I had a small plate of spaghetti.

Not near the fruit or veggies I should have had today. Not enough calories today. But there wasn't a bunch of junk either.

I'm planning my day for tomorrow NOW!

I will get on the scale at 10 a.m. and report whatever horrid number it gives me. I put a reminder on my Outlook so I won't forget.

Coffee - espresso w/ 1% milk

Breakfast - 1 fluffy farm fresh egg scrambled, 1 serving oatmeal, 1 tsp butter, 2 tsp brown sugar, 1 C. 1% milk, grapes

Snack - nuts (I think I still have some), celery & 1 Tbsp PB

Lunch - Salad w/ 1 oz cheese and drizzle of light catalina

Snack - 1 small baked potato, salt, pepper and 1/2 Tbsp butter

Dinner - Tilapia, Brown Rice, Green Beans

I'm back - but HELP!

OK, I'm back but not doing good. I did gain some weight over the weekend. I didn't do great with my food choices. But I could have done worse. I had very little soda. I only had one beer. I tried to take more veggies than anything else at meals.

I am up in weight, but I don't know how much really. I'm scared to get on the scale. I'm bloated like crazy. TOM is almost over and I'm retaining water like crazy.

Today I have not eaten ANYTHING! BAD! I have had a large coffee with non-fat milk and no sugar. That's all! I must eat! I is almost 1 p.m.

I need to make a plan! I'm going to the kitchen to eat something! Probably an egg for protein and something... Perhaps some celery. I really need to grocery shop.

My goals have no changed. I will conquer! (I don't feel as motivated as that sounded...)