Saturday, September 6, 2008

I ate...

Well, I finally got motivated to do something. I cleaned the kitchen. Then I made dinner and chocolate cake. I believe I stayed within my goal of 1500-1800 calories today. But I did not get all the veggies I should have for the second day in a row. Tomorrow I will have a big salad for lunch!

Here is my plan for tomorrow:

Coffee - espresso and 2% milk

Breakfast - 1 waffle, syrup and butter, 4 oz OJ

Snack - mixed raw nuts

Lunch - Salad with tilapia

Dinner - Chicken, Brown Rice and green beans

Dessert - Leftover chocolate cake

Also, I promised my daughter I would take her hiking tomorrow. So there's my exercise!

Headed to get one last glass of water and multi-vitamin and then go to bed with hubby. There's exercise for today ;-)


Lyn said...

Hey girl.

You do so well with moderation. I totally would eat 3/4 of the cake if I made one. Seriously!!

I am not doing so hot. Being sick does not agree with me!

Vonavie said...

There were days in my mindless eating that would be the case for me. But when I'm eating mindfully I can do it.

I'm noticing probably 1/2 the cake will get thrown away. There is still 2/3 of cake left and its starting to dry out.

This NEVER happends in my home! I'm quite proud.