Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shopping went well.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought all healthful foods except for a bag of donuts I bought for the three year old because he asked and couldn't resist. I should have just bought him one of those individual packages in hind sight. Because I lasted all morning and then caved and ate about 6-7 of them in the afternoon! That's like 400 calories! UGH! And it was mindless too. If I had to have them I should have taken two or three out of the bag and put the rest away in the other room. But no I opened the bag and plopped down in front of the TV.

A funny thing though when my kids got home and raided the fridge my eight year old brought in the acorn squash I had bought and said, "mom this pumpkin isn't ripe." I thought that was so cute.

This morning I went and worked in her class at school making copies for the teacher and stuff. That was nice. I'm going to do that every Wednesday now.

My moods are still not great. I've been forgetting my multi-vitamin and I haven't exercised since Sunday!!!

I will not let my self lose sight of my goals!


new*me said...

I bet once you get the exercise back in, your moods will be better and you will feel more in control of eating. It boosts your seratonin (sp?) levels and gives you that happy kick :) Donuts are the devil!!!

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

Ohh....donuts!!! Just pick yourself up and head outside for a walk :)

Lost Half of Me said...

Yes, you had a little "fall off the wagon" with the donuts...but give yourself some credit for stopping at 6 or 7. That could have easily been 10 or 12 or the whole bag. You recognized the mistake and prevented it from getting worse so give yourself a big pat on that back!

Live Well said...

I can relate with a child's request for the bag of donuts. My son LOVES those, and unfortunately, so do I!! Tomorrow's a new day though! Go for a walk and forget about today's bump in your path!

Lyn said...

Okay girl, time for an update! How's it going? Let's kick some pounds to the curb.