Friday, September 5, 2008

Not feeling as good tonight.

Well, the day started out fantastic. But I'm feeling a little nauseous so I didn't eat a great dinner. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and that all. I didn't take photos of my food today. Here's what I ended up eating. I don't think I went over in calories, but I definitely didn't get enough veggies or water today.

Coffee - espresso and 2% milk (DH went shopping and forgot I wanted 1%)

Breakfast - 1 fluffy farm fresh egg, 1 slice am cheese, 2 slices white bread (still need to do a good grocery trip), 4 oz OJ

Lunch - 1/2 portion of last nights stir fry (chicken, broccoli, couscous, almonds)

Dinner - 2 slices white bread, 2 slices am cheese, butter

The good news. Before I started feeling icky I did get my 15 mins of exercise in.

I'm going to go drink some water and take my multi and go to bed. Perhaps I'll feel better tomorrow.

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