Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Only 1100 calories!?!?!

OK, so I was curious how I was doing on calories and I entered my menu for today in Sparkpeople. It came up with 1107 calories! They think I should be eating 2,100 calories a day at my weight and activity level. That's nuts! OK 1,100 is probably low. But I don't think 2,100 is a good idea either. I think I'm going to shoot for 1500-1800 for now.


Lyn said...

Hey girl. I am catching up on your blog :) Love the meal pics!

I agree, 1100 is not enough AND 2100 is too freaking much!! At least for me I gain on 2100. When I was 260-270 I ate 1800 calories. I think when I got around 245 I cut back to 1600. I am currently losing on 1500 but if I eat more than that I do not lose. Everyone is different I know but this gives you an idea.

How did the exercise go?

Live Well said...

You are right on with your 1500 cals/day. 2100 would be more of a maintaining your weight/slowly (very slowly) losing weight range. Stick to the 1500, but "mad props" sent in your direction for sticking to 1100 for 1 day! I personally can't do it -- my blood sugar would reek havoc on me.