Thursday, September 4, 2008

A two day streak!

I exercised for 15 minutes again today! I'm going to keep it at 15 minutes per day through next week. Then if that is feeling easy I'll add 5 minutes the following week.

Lyn's post on her blog really hit home for me today. She is my inspiration today. She had a good LIVING day!

Breakfast was actually nice. Except that we were out of regular milk and decided to use half and half in my espresso rather than opt for no caffiene. High fat and cholestorol but it was a conscious decision. So I had a light breakfast to go with it.

My morning snack was uneventful at best. But I'm running out of ideas. I really need to grocery shop but I'm trying to make it until Saturday before I do anymore shopping.

Lunch was yummy. I had a lovely salad and some leftover spaghetti.

Dinner was a new recipe revision. Basically is was chicken, broccoli, almond stir-fry on top of couscous. It was my first time making couscous and I think I'll use more water next time. It was dry and still a bit firm for my liking.

I ended the day at about 1500 calories but very high in sodium. I'll be surprised if I'm not bloated tomorrow! Using sparkpeople again has been enlightening. I remembered why I don't use catalina light. Its very high in sodium. And then there was soy sauce in the stir fry and the cheese in my morning snack was high in sodium too. Learning as I go I guess.

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