Thursday, August 28, 2008

Keeping the momentum

I have got a pretty good momentum going now. But I'm afraid this weekend will mess it up. I'm going to go into the weekend concentrating on portions and stopping when I'm full. I have little control over the foods served this weekend. And it has been years since I have visited my aunt and her husband so I have no idea what they will be serving.

So rules for this weekend:

1. Reasonable portions
2. Best choices from those offered
3. Stop eating when full
4. Limit alcohol to one drink per day
5. Drink as much water as possible
6. Take multi-vitamin daily

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I had planned pot roast for dinner, but forgot to get the crockpot going early enough. We were running around as a family last night and wouldn't be home with much time to spare before the kids bedtime. So we picked up a pizza. DH brought me two pieces. I at one and started on the second and then realized, hey I'm full and this is super greasy and icky... and I STOPPED! Put it down and didn't touch it again until... My youngest daughter came in crying because her brother took the last piece. So I gave her mine and she was happy and I didn't overeat! Woo Hoo! The rest of my menu was as planned with NO dessert.

TOM is due any moment. I wish it would just come already and be over with. I'm sure it will come as we are about to leave Saturday morning for the lake!!! Don't you think?!??!?

I'm really enjoying the support I get from my readers and at 3FC. My regular board on AOL has been quirky and so its quiet over there. I miss that group. That's where I lost my weight from my high of 292.

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Karyn said...

Good for you! I don't know if I could put down a slice of pizza!