Friday, August 22, 2008

More scale obsession

OK, so my new scale is a highlight of my day... I was IMing with a dear friend of mine in Arizona and here was our conversation... It cracked me up.

Vonavie: Got a new scale today.
FRIEND: it shows you as 125?
Vonavie: That would be a keeper of a scale. But a broken one for sure.
Vonavie: If I was 125 pounds I'd be skin and bone with no organs.
FRIEND: figured you wouldn't buy a new scale unless you wanted one that lied to you
Vonavie: I was tired of my dial scale that no longer stays at zero. I would take the beginning weight and subtract it from whatever I got stepping on it.
Vonavie: Do that about three times getting off and on and then average it LOL
FRIEND: rofl!
FRIEND: keeps your math skills up to date!
Vonavie: weighing myself was getting quite time consuming
Vonavie: true that
Vonavie: perhaps it was good step aerobics though
FRIEND: rofl

Then later in our conversation I went to the bathroom and came back...

Vonavie: ib
Vonavie: I'm obsessed with my new scale... Funny thing... I lost a pound in the last hour LOL. OK, so no scale is perfect.
FRIEND: rofl! sounds like it's perfect to me!
FRIEND: with this new scale you can lose 24 pounds a day!
Vonavie: Yes Perfect! A wise investment!


new*me said...

cute :) Scales are mysterious things!

Sherre said...

If ONLY it were that easy! :)

CT said...

This is too funny!! We all need a scale like that...

Lyn said...

Okay, fess up, what scale is this?? I need to lose a few pounds! :)

Vonavie said...

Its the cheapest digital health-o-meter from Wal-mart. Really I'm pretty satisfied with it. I have found that if I'm careful about standing square on it it gives me the most consistent readings.

But oh, wouldn't a pound an hour be great! I'd have been at goal weight by January 1, 2007 LOL.