Monday, August 11, 2008

Who knows how much I weigh.

That's a statement not a question. You don't have to try and guess.

My scale is awful. Its one of the cheapest ones that you can buy. Everytime I get on it when I get back off it stays about 10 pounds above zero. If I get back on it, it weighs me about 5-10 lbs higher than the time before. If I reset it I get the original reading or something close. So I'm going with the original reading. But who knows for sure... nobody.

And I didn't weigh at the optimal time of day. I weighed with all my clothes on (no shoes) at 5:10 p.m.

So what's the number? I was close in my guesstimate yesterday. I'm going with 266 from my "who knows" scale. I've gained more than half of what I had lost. Bummer. But I'm still down 26 from my all time high. Whew.

So that's my new starting point 266.

So how have I done today...

Last night I had my multi-vitamin.
I have drank some water. (Not enough, but some which is more than I was. Progress.)
I had string cheese for breakfast. (Better than nothing.)
And I'm here blogging/journalling.

So Day 1 goes down as a success.

I watched a rerun of the Dr. Phil 1000th episode today. (I didn't see it whenever it was originally on.) It was more motivation for me. I can change my habits. I have the power. Boy do I wish I had Dr. Phil sitting on my shoulder all day every day though!

My kids need a happy healthy mom. I need to take care of me! I am worth it! No more slow suicide by mouth!

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