Friday, August 22, 2008

A loss (I think!)

Well I got on the scale this morning... Let me preface that by saying its the old dial style crappy scale. And besides that, I can no longer get it to set itself back to zero. So I take the beginning number and subtract that from the weight I get when I get on.

It showed a 6 pound loss!!! Woo Hoo!

That being said, I think I'm going to buy a new scale today. One of those digital numbers that gives you your weight to the tenth. I want to spend about $20-$30 this time. I hope that will be enough to get something descent. I fear though that when I get a new scale I'll have to post a new, higher, more accurate weight.

So how am I doing on my goals this week? Well, I'm still not motivated to exercise. Not once! The multi-vitamin has become a habit though. And my water intake is definitely improving. Yesterday, making up a meal plan really helped. I pretty much stuck to it.

But then PMS got the best of me and I made some brownies. That's OK. I did better than I would have in the past. I made a small batch (the square pan size) so that the family would eat them all last night. I cut it into 16 little squares. That made enough for each kid to have two and each adult to have three - a reasonable amount. Here's where my plan failed... The kids for some odd and unknown reason (must get this from their father) didn't eat all of theirs?!?! So that left an extra three brownies and you can guess who ate them! Good thing I only made that small batch or I'd be having them for breakfast this morning too! And here's the really sad and guilty part. My six year old daughter came in crying this morning because she had left one of her brownies intentionally to eat for breakfast. I'm a heel!!! That made me feel horrid. What a way to start the day. But it gives me new motivation to not be THAT mommy.

So here is my meal plan for today.

Coffee - Espresso, 2% milk (I'm a quick study), chocolate syrup

Breakfast - 1 egg, 1 bacon, 2 slices 45 cal whole grain bread, nectarine

Snack - walnuts

Lunch - Salad w/ light catalina and salmon

Snack - Grapes (I think we still have some.)

Dinner - something with shrimp... I'm going to go recipe searching. I'm getting board with my dinners. I think I'll get a fresh veggie at the grocery store... I have broccoli and salad but I've had enough of those lately.

Dessert (Being realistic) - Chocolate pudding w/ a dollop (sp?) of cool whip'

Things to buy at Walmart today:
A new scale!
1% milk
fresh veggies and fruit

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Lyn said...

Six pounds is fantastic Vonavie! Your effort is really paying off. And no matter what that new scale says, remember you DID lose weight and you are getting healthier... and keep it up. You and I have to get off this regained weight so we can be the foxy hot mamas our families deserve. LOL :)