Sunday, August 10, 2008

A New Beginning

I'm at a low point yet again. And I'm not referring to my weight. Rather my mood.

I need to get healthier. And yes that will involve losing weight. But more importantly I need to eat all the nutrients I need to stay happy and healthy. When I eat from all the healthy food groups not only does it help my waistline. But it also improves my moods.

Back on December 24, 2006 I started making healthier choices. At that time I was at my all time high weight of 292. I started simply by making better choices. For example if I went to McDonalds I didn't go for salad. But I had water instead of soda. I incorporated a phylosophy that I could eat anything I wanted. As long as I had ONE serving. You see it is OK to have a PIECE of cheesecake. But half of a cheesecake is not such a good choice. I concentrated on getting in all the nutrients I needed to keep my body healthy.

Well, I got back to old bad habbits and after being as low as 232, I'm now back up to 265 I believe. I will get on the scale tomorrow to give the real number. Oh I hope its not more depressing than that. But I don't dare weigh at night... So we'll see.

Another thing I tend to do is NOT eat. I figure I'm going to make a bad choice if I go in the kitchen so its better to stay out. But then I get hungry and binge on junk.

So what's the plan?

This week is my children's last week of summer break. So I'm going to start simple.

1. I will drink more water.
2. I will have a multi-vitamin each night before bed.
3. I will eat breakfast every day.
4. I will journal here about my moods and the status of the above goals.

That's it. I can do this.

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Lyn said...

You can do it Vonavie. It sounds like you have a good starting plan. Small steps over time = results (as Ken would say!)

I will be checking in!