Thursday, August 14, 2008

Planning Needed

OK, too many errands and school open houses and not enough preplanning for food choices. So today was a bust foodwise. But I did drink a little water and take my vitamin. But I did NOT eat breakfast. Just didn't even cross my mind this morning. I did have a fun day with the kids though.

We were running all day getting the last of the school supplies. We took Ryan to the doctor. And went to four school open houses at three different schools. Whew!

It did remind me that I need to get the weight off. I was in so much pain at the end of the day from all the walking. When I was down in the 230s I didn't get this pain.

I snuck onto the scale this morning and I was down a couple of pounds. I'm not counting it until official weigh in though.

Speaking of weigh in. I had way too much sodium today. I expect to be very bloated for the next day or two. I hope it goes away before weigh in. ::Running to kitchen to get tall glass of water::

So what will I do to improve on days that I will be out of the house?

1. Take healthy snacks.
2. Take water bottle for thirst.
3. Plan ahead what healthy food I may buy.

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Lyn said...

Hey. I was gone for the weekend but I am back. Where are you? Ready to kick off some pounds with me? :)